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Troop & Adult Leaders in TLT

Troop & Adult Leaders in TLT - Click picture for more pics.

Troop 220 conducted its semi-annual Troop Leadership Training at Area 51.  Area 51 is the building that the Youth Group of Westwood Baptist Church meets in.  Something interesting to note here is that 7 of the 11 boys present for training are also in the Westwood Baptist Church Youth Group.  The Troop got permission to hang out there on Friday evening, spend the night and then work on training in the upstairs play room.  It was a really nice place to hold the training.  The Troop had elected its new leaders just the Monday before and it was time to get them up to speed before they took office the Monday following next weekend’s campout.

Friday night they just ran wild and free and played a lot of games on the inside and on the outside.  It was hard to get them to do lights out at 11pm.  The leaders slept in the foyer downstairs and I heard whispering and footsteps upstairs all night long or at least it seemed like it.  They were still up earlier the next morning than I wanted to be so I had to scramble to get packed up before they came down and ran me over like a herd of stampeding wildebeests.

The Scoutmaster is a super duper great guy and brought in egg-sausage biscuits and OJ for everyone and coffee for the adults who drank coffee.  The Scouts came downstairs and scarfed down some biscuits.  You would have thought they had been on an over night hike as hungry as they were.  Maybe it was because they had been up all night.

After breakfast we got down to the Troop training.  It was good to see the lights start coming on as the boys began to understand their roles in the Scouting program.  The boys elected some really good leaders and I am excited about what the next six months holds for our Troop.

That evening the Scouts gathered around the ping pong table and decided on their camping plans for the next year.  I still don’t know what they decided on as they were doing such a good job by themselves that I fell asleep on the couch across the room.  The clicking of cameras is the only thing that woke me up.  🙂

Once the planning was done we cleaned up the place, packed our stuff, called the parents and hit the road.  It was a very successful and fun training event.

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