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Boy Scouts Teaching Cub Scouts About American Flag

Boy Scouts Teaching - Click Pic For More Pics

Camping at Camp Jack Wright on the outskirts of Tannehill State Park is always an adventure.  The first thing is trying to get all of the gear to the back campsite late at night.  Fortunately this time we took an easier route with a wagon with big wheels and was able to make it a lot quicker and easier, or so it seemed.  The Boy Scouts learned some more during the process of setting up camp.  Each camp out always provides different opportunities for learning.  This is another reason why the Boy Scouts should try and make as many camp outs as possible.  The next morning there seemed to be some issues with lashing the poles together for the flag pole.  It was embarrassing to the adult leaders but it pointed out to the Boy Scouts that they needed to start working more on lashing in their skill sets.  Its hard to remember how to lash a flag pole when you only do it once a month.

The exciting part of Saturday though was going to help work with Pack 220 that was camping in Tannehill State Park.  The Boy Scouts scampered over the hill separating Camp Jack Wright and Tannehill and were soon amongst the Cub Scouts.  The Boy Scouts had their issues with the flag pole but it gave them practice for lashing together the Troop gateway for the Pack 220 flag ceremony.  I was proud of them for the way they showed the Webelos IIs how to lash and put up the gateway.  It didn’t take long with all of them working together.  What a concept.

That evening the Pack rotated through stations that the Boy Scouts were manning.  They had the fire starting station, the American Flag station and the Trebuchet station.  It was a close tie between the fire and the Trebuchet.  On one  you could watch a soft projectile fly through the air to smash apart upon impact with the ground and the other you could have flames magically appear after a shower of sparks.  WOW!

After the stations it was time to head back to base camp in Camp Jack Wright and whip up some dinner.  One patrol actually cooked a pizza in a Dutch oven.  Now that was pretty impressive.  Maybe the only issue there was that they didn’t cook enough for everyone.  Once the carbs hit and bellies were full the toil of the day soon took over.  It wasn’t long before Scouts were peeling off to their tents and calling it a night.  After the last voice was silent the adults decided it was time to stoke up the fire.  Reminded me of the old Indian saying “White man build big fire, sit way back…Indian build little fire, sit up close.”

The next morning it was time to lug all of the equipment back out and try and fit it back in the trailer.  The repacking always seems to be harder than the unpacking.  But the Scout put their backs into it and soon were finished.  We completed the camp out by going and doing a small service project for Camp Jack Wright.  A dozer had cut a fire path across the foot trail and some hikers were getting confused.  So the Scouts blocked off the fire path at the trail and then covered the fire path up for several yards to prevent further confusion.  After that it was time to head home and call it another successful camp out.

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Webelos To Boy Scouts

Webelos To Boy Scouts

Pack 220’s Blue and Gold Crossover was a rousing success.  The Boy Scouts and crossing over Webelos II Scouts had a great time.  It was a very nice ceremony.  Troop 220 now has 10 new excited Scouts that are ready to make things happen and have a lot of fun while doing it.

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