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Iron Chef Cookoff

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On  behalf of the Farmers Market, I would like to take the time to thank all that came to the market to make the cook off a success!  Gosh wasn’t it great that Whole Foods provided such lovely red snapper?  I truly wanted to bring the snapper home and eat it myself!   I was especially impressed that Whole Foods also donated manpower in the form of Hoss, the director of the seafood department.  I hope someone took a video of  Hoss showing the kids how to filet a fish.
I wanted to let you know that the Judges – including Hoss, would be happy to come and give your troops seminars on anything from how to filet a fish, to how to plate…  The judges had a wonderful time and are eager to come back and do this again.
Should you  or the scout troop members  go to Whole Foods, please take the time to seek out a manager and thank them for being so generous in providing the food. (Over $600 in seafood!)  Fabio works at La Dolce Vita, Bellinis and will be at a restaurant in Ross Bridge very soon – again – if you should be in one of those restaurants, please let the managers know how much you appreciate him doing this.
Mary R. Idzerda Perko

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