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Ready for Archery

Ready for Archery - Click picture for more pics

Camporee was a blast.  There were a lot of young Scouts and the Senior Patrol Leader caught the flu on Thursday evening so he missed the event.  However the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader stepped up to the task and took on the role of leader and did an outstanding job of it.  In fact most of the time he was out standing in the field at each of the events.  🙂  The Troop got one of the highest if not the highest campsite inspection score in the Camporee.  They scored about average in the Patrol and Troop competitions.  They lost some points in the Troop competition because the leaders were new at this also and caused some points to be lost.  They didn’t make as many points in the Patrol competition because this was the first time most of the Scouts had been exposed to a Camporee and competitive events.  They did a great job of pulling together and working as a Patrol to rack up some points though.  All of the leaders were very impressed and proud of them.

They did build an awesome gateway though.  The boys had a great time lashing it together and Dave did an awesome job of leading them in their effort.  Once Troop 220’s gateway went up there was one further down that was in the process of going up.  When they saw Troop 220’s gateway they added another pole to theirs so it would be taller.  Too funny.

Another highlight of the event was the Hobo stew that the leaders prepared that night for the Webelos that showed up after lunch.  The leaders got the stew in the Dutch Oven around lunch and began the process of cooking it all evening long while the boys were involved in the c0mpetitive events.  Later that evening they also put the ingredients for upside down peach/pineapple cobbler in another Dutch Oven.  When dinner time rolled around there was some serious feasting going on.  Man was it good!

The funniest thing to happen at the Camporee happened to me in the middle of the night on Saturday.  Each Troop was stacked in on top of one another so I wound up sleeping on the backside of the nearby Troop and next to a couple of tents of Scouts.  Sometime while it was dark I suddenly heard one of the Scouts yell out in his sleep, “There’s nothing that can kill a Scout!”  Now what he was dreaming or what lead to that dream would definitely be something worth hearing.  Sometime later I heard him just wrestling around in his sleeping bag and suddenly he yelled out in his sleep, “How do you get out of this?!” It was way too funny.

What with the exciting competition, good food, excellent gateway and funny stories, everyone declared it a successful Camporee.

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