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I thought this would be fun to attend.  For the hundreds of Cub Scouts that were there, it was.  For me and my son it wasn’t what we had expected.  We should have volunteered to be on staff instead of attending.  It was a great program for the Cub Scouts and they seemed to be enjoying themselves.  Next year my son and I will know better and work on staff to insure the Cub Scouts keep coming back.

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Camp Tranquilty Map

Camp Tranquility Map - Click pic for more pics

It was a cold day in January but that didn’ t keep Boy Scouts from bundling up and heading off to Merit Badge Day for a Saturday.   Troop 220 had 9 Scouts who decided it was time to crank up the Merit Badge count and get busy with earning rank advancements.  So they showed up with books in hand and began the task of knocking out 1 or 2 merit badges.  Some were able to complete two merit badges during the day but others had merit badges that were more complicated and took all day to complete.  However at the end of the day it was all good because they learned a new game and got to play with other Scouts they had not met before.  Not to mention that several of them will now be awarded a merit badge patch at the next Troop meeting.

Above is a picture of a very nice map of Camp Tranquility at Oak Mountain State Park.  Larry Faulkner was selling some extra patches during the event to raise funds for the Muscogee Chapter of the Coosa Lodge of the Order of the Arrow.  I was wondering how much money it would take to get the map.  🙂

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