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Boy Scouts Cooking Their First Breakfast

Boy Scouts Cooking Their First Breakfast

After having to cancel two campouts because of weather we finally got the new Scouts out on a campout.  Of course the first thing they had to do was cook breakfast.  I am just glad that I had brought some oatmeal along to eat.  🙂  Actually they did a good job with the pancakes and no one went hungry.  Afterwards we headed over to Brushy Lake and spent the rest of the day canoeing on Brushy Lake and up the two creeks that feed it.  The boys had a great time in the canoes once they finally figured out how to steer them.  That night after a dinner prepared by the Scouts they were all ready to hit the sack.  The next morning we had a Scout prepared Sunday service.  It was very nice.  For their first campout I thought they did a good job and I was very proud of them.

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