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Boy Scouts Serious About LNT

Boy Scouts Serious About LNT - Click picture to see more pics

Troop 220 signed up to to clean Alabaster Blvd for Westwood Baptist church.  Above is the crew that turned out the first time.  We are scheduled to do this occasionally through out the year so I am expecting that the ones above will be getting after the ones that didn’t show up about showing up.  It took a long time with just the bunch above but it was impressed upon them how easier and faster it would have been had the whole Troop showed it.  It is amazing the lessons that Scouts learn as they progress through the many things that they are involved in.  I was proud of the group above though.  They cleaned up the entire side of the road, even picking up cigarette butts.  What a nasty job.  They even removed some debris from a house that the city wouldn’t pick up.  YEA Boy Scouts!

Edit 1/19/2010 – I just found a link on the City of Alabaster web site that has some pictures of us at this event.  Check it out.

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