Christmas Parade

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Combined with blue skies and warm weather,  the participants in this year’s Christmas parade made it another exciting and successful event for our community.  The judges had a difficult time deciding between all the excellent and entertaining entries.  The winners of the 2012 Alabaster Christmas Parade are:

Most Entertaining:  Joy’s Dance Company featuring 2 Blu and The Lucky Stiffs

Best Walking Entry:  Knights of Columbus – St. Thomas The Apostle Catholic Church

Best Holiday Spirit:  Troop 220 Westwood Baptist Church

Best Use of Theme:  Reliable Overhead Door

Most Creative:  Shelby 4-H Horse Club

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Camp Jack Wright

Too broke to pay attention.

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Serve Shelby

“We got there about 8:00 pm and someone talked for a few minutes and then we all split up. Alex, Dylan, Lane and I were there helping. All of the people went to different places in the community and we helped with whatever needed to be done. Dylan, Lane and I went to the high school.

When we got to the school there was trash all over the place and it just looked horrible. The three of us went around and picked up all the trash that we could find. Which turned out to be 3 garbage bags full. We did this while our parents did some yard work like pulling weeds. After that we got a big dump truck full of mulch and spread it around in the flower beds. Then we cleaned up the tree.

The tree went all the way down the hill on the other side of the parking lot. We went to cut it up with a chainsaw and we had to roll it over to cut it. When we went to roll it over a king snake came out from under it. We also saw a black widow when we tried to throw the logs in the woods. We had lots of fun and did about 4 hours of community service after we had ended at 12:00 pm.” – write up by Landon Mullins, Troop scribe

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Lake Guntersville Campout

” We met at 6:00 pm at Area 51 and packed the trailer. We left about 6:45 and drove all the way there without stopping. About 9:00 we got there and unloaded the trailer of all the troop and personal gear. This weekend was the first Campout to use the new easy-up tents for dining flies. We stopped when everything was done, lights out was at 10:00 pm so we went to bed about that time.

Saturday morning we woke up and started cooking breakfast about 6:00. For breakfast we had scrambled eggs and sausage. After that we got done cleaning up about 8:45, and then we worked on advancements and fished. Later, we went bush whacking and the trail was so overgrown we decided to turn back once we were a little less than halfway to the top. We went to the beach and picnic area to eat lunch And practice our skits for the campfire. About 3:00 pm we played capture the flag. The game was awesome and the Firebirds won. We cooked dinner and got cleaned up about 7:00. From 7:00-8:00 we had an hour of free time to just fish or chill out. The campfire was at 8:30 and we just did some skits. Each patrol did three skits. The troop just hung out together and talked until about 10:00. About 10:15, Mr. Rodney, Gage and I went deer hunting with Sam’s awesome heat seeking goggles that he brought. We came back and went to bed around 11:00.

Sunday morning when we woke up at 6:45 we had cereal and got done cleaning up about 7:45, the Firebirds had cinnamon rolls and sausage. We got done packing and had our Scouts Own Service about 9:00, then left about 10:00. We got back to Area 51 about 12 and unloaded. Everyone had a great time and thought it was a great Campout.” – write up by Landon Mullins, Troop Scribe

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Popcorn Kickoff

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Payne Lake Campout

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Iron Chef Cookoff

Iron Chef Cookoff

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On  behalf of the Farmers Market, I would like to take the time to thank all that came to the market to make the cook off a success!  Gosh wasn’t it great that Whole Foods provided such lovely red snapper?  I truly wanted to bring the snapper home and eat it myself!   I was especially impressed that Whole Foods also donated manpower in the form of Hoss, the director of the seafood department.  I hope someone took a video of  Hoss showing the kids how to filet a fish.
I wanted to let you know that the Judges – including Hoss, would be happy to come and give your troops seminars on anything from how to filet a fish, to how to plate…  The judges had a wonderful time and are eager to come back and do this again.
Should you  or the scout troop members  go to Whole Foods, please take the time to seek out a manager and thank them for being so generous in providing the food. (Over $600 in seafood!)  Fabio works at La Dolce Vita, Bellinis and will be at a restaurant in Ross Bridge very soon – again – if you should be in one of those restaurants, please let the managers know how much you appreciate him doing this.
Mary R. Idzerda Perko
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