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A Young Scout Helping A Customer

A Young Scout Helping A Customer

Above is a picture of a first year Scout helping a customer get to the yard sale tables in the rain.  The Scout took the umbrella out to the man and his son and covered them while they got out of the car.  Since the Scout was shorter the man took the umbrella to hold it over everyone on the walk to the tables.  This young man is definitely on his way to being a top notch Boy Scout.

This all occurred at Lakeview First United Methodist Church in Pelham.  A committee member attends this church and they agreed to let the Troop use their facilities since they are located on a highly traveled road.  The boys camped out behind the church the night before and got up early the next morning to put out all of the merchandise. Despite the threat of rain all day and several downpours, as seen above, the Scouts were still able to make some money for equipment and summer camp.  They all worked hard and did a good job.

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