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” We met at 6:00 pm at Area 51 and packed the trailer. We left about 6:45 and drove all the way there without stopping. About 9:00 we got there and unloaded the trailer of all the troop and personal gear. This weekend was the first Campout to use the new easy-up tents for dining flies. We stopped when everything was done, lights out was at 10:00 pm so we went to bed about that time.

Saturday morning we woke up and started cooking breakfast about 6:00. For breakfast we had scrambled eggs and sausage. After that we got done cleaning up about 8:45, and then we worked on advancements and fished. Later, we went bush whacking and the trail was so overgrown we decided to turn back once we were a little less than halfway to the top. We went to the beach and picnic area to eat lunch And practice our skits for the campfire. About 3:00 pm we played capture the flag. The game was awesome and the Firebirds won. We cooked dinner and got cleaned up about 7:00. From 7:00-8:00 we had an hour of free time to just fish or chill out. The campfire was at 8:30 and we just did some skits. Each patrol did three skits. The troop just hung out together and talked until about 10:00. About 10:15, Mr. Rodney, Gage and I went deer hunting with Sam’s awesome heat seeking goggles that he brought. We came back and went to bed around 11:00.

Sunday morning when we woke up at 6:45 we had cereal and got done cleaning up about 7:45, the Firebirds had cinnamon rolls and sausage. We got done packing and had our Scouts Own Service about 9:00, then left about 10:00. We got back to Area 51 about 12 and unloaded. Everyone had a great time and thought it was a great Campout.” – write up by Landon Mullins, Troop Scribe

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